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One may say, "Hip-hop and yoga? It makes no sense!" However, we at Kinetic Vibez beg to differ. At its origin, hip-hop culture was created to be a vehicle used by young people for self-expression, self-knowledge, and to have fun. Yoga gives us the tools needed to explore our inner selves and increase our mindfulness. Combining hip-hop and yoga allows students to become culturally aware, emotionally competent, and innovative global citizens.

Kinetic Vibez is an artistic wellness movement that focuses on introducing a holistically creative lifestyle to youth, ages 7 to 19. By fusing yoga, meditation, and hip-hop, students can overcome stress, depression, and bullying. Kinetic Vibez gives students the opportunity to express themselves through hip-hop music production, poetry, and art. Students will be able to connect with other youth who share the same creative interests, building a social network of young creative individuals. 






Kinetic Vibez Campuses

 Kinetic Vibez Campuses are forward-thinking communities that not only value academic excellence but acknowledge the value of creativity and mindfulness as critical factors for student success. 

Wharton Dual Language Academy

Memorial Elementary School

Highland Heights Elementary School

Wesley Elementary School 

Clear Creek Intermediate School

Moreno Elementary School

Emerson Elementary School

Shearn Elementary School

Owen Intermediate School

Brookline Elementary School

University of St. Thomas

University of Houston

Calin Burett - Art Teacher

Trevor Stothard - Director of Art/Art Teacher

Greg Burett - Graphic Design Teacher


Rovion Reed


"Rovion Reed, Co-founder & CEO of Kinetic Vibez, is an educator, music producer/audio engineer and branding consultant from Illinois. Rovion believes that freedom through creative expression is the key to more emotionally intelligent, happy and self-aware children. That belief helped birth Kinetic Vibez. Rovion is a graduate of Eastern Illinois University. He holds a BS in African American Studies and MS in College Student Affairs. His passion for mentoring and education led him to Teach for America, where he became a corps member in 2014 and went on to teach an all-male cohort of 5th graders in Houston, TX.


Rovion has been active in the Hip-Hop community for over 16 years. He has played a crucial and influential role in multiple capacities of music as a producer, engineer, event organizer, and curator. Rovion was awarded the opportunity to present at SXSW EDU, Houston Art Partners Conference, and the 2019 Young Audiences National Conference. His work has also been featured in notable publications including Huffington Post, The Chicago Reader, and Thisis50.com.

Through Kinetic Vibez, Rovion plans to create a premier global program that specializes in developing critical conscious creatives of all ages."

Rajesh Sekhar

Rajesh Sekhar brings with him experience working alongside children in need of an alternative approach (Autism) as well as children in disadvantaged areas and situations. He is also the former Operations Manager and Head of Sales/Marketing for a company that specialized in creating after-school curriculum with a project-based learning approach based on the teaching methods of Joseph Renzulli. This alternative approach to education proved to be very effective and led to increased understanding and retention of the objectives introduced.


Combining his knowledge of classical Indian Yogic techniques with his experience of using alternative methods to teach children, his unique curriculum targets the 5 factors of personality development and introduces meditative techniques to the learner. This not only leads to more effective stress management but also a greater sense of overall well-being, resulting in an empowered youth.

Co-Founder/Director of Yoga Programs

Said Jalajal aka "SJPJ" is a music producer and DJ that DJ's in his pj's. He has co-founded a record label The WhiteNoiize Collective; a platform for up and coming producers, and the music platform Pantheon Music Academy which focused on the growth and development of individuals breaking into the music industry. He serves as the Director of Music Production and is one of the Owners of Kinetic Vibez. Having played at several music festivals including Freaky Deaky, and opening up for many prominent electronic musicians. He brings extensive experience from a music industry perspective. 

Said Jalajal

Co-Founder/Director of Music Production