Kinetic Vibez has taught over 200 students how to utilize the power of mindfulness to empower themselves and the people around them. Those same students discovered a way to express themselves artistically through hip-hop culture and music production. Kinetic Vibez now wants to share this amazing program with more traditional schools and home schools around Houston, Texas and surrounding areas. 

We have created the Spring 2019 Kinetic Vibez Pop-Up Tour to introduce our concept to these communities. The Pop-Up Tour will be free of charge to the selected groups. Students will participate in a two-hour session which will include a mindfulness activity, yoga session, and music production tutorial. We just ask that the participating groups provide the space (classroom, home, office space, etc). 

If you are interested in learning more about how yourschool can participate in the Spring 2019 Kinetic Vibez Pop-Up Tour, please complete the form below.