Your Kids Will Discover Peace & Mindfulness While Being Creative!

In School Residencies

Kinetic Vibez offers unique during school and afterschool programs for small and large groups of students from grades 2 - 12. The programs provided for in-school residencies are hip-hop music production and yoga. 

Youth Wellness Pop-Ups

Our Youth Wellness Pop-Up events were created to empower youth outside of the classroom. Bi-monthly, students participate in a music production class, mindful movements session, and another creative medium including cooking, art, and dance.  

Professional Development

We offer teachers the tools needed to create a positive classroom culture by using hip-hop culture and mindfulness. By using our methods, teachers are able to cultivate a peaceful classroom culture rooted in inclusiveness, creativity, and culture.

Our Programs


Learn how to use technology in a fun and creative way.

Music Production

Unleash your music genius and express your self through music.

Mindful Movements

Learn to cope with stress and depression creatively.


Express your self and how you feel through art.


Let the world hear your voice and listen to your story.

About Us

One may say, "Hip-hop and yoga? It makes no sense!" However, we at Kinetic Vibez beg to differ. At its origin, hip-hop culture was created to be a vehicle used by young people for self-expression, self-knowledge, and to have fun. Yoga gives us the tools needed to explore our inner selves and increase our mindfulness. Combining hip-hop and yoga allows students to become culturally aware, emotionally competent, and innovative global citizens.

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About Kinetic Vibez

Kinetic Vibez teaches youth how to use the power of yoga, meditation, and hip-hop to help them achieve social, personal, academic, and artistic goals.


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