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In-School Residencies

Kinetic Vibez offers unique during school and afterschool programs for small and large groups of students from grades 2 - 12 that are rooted in Hip-Hop culture and mindfulness.  Our in-school residencies can be implemented in various capacities and are customized based on the needs of the institution. Each residency can span between 4 to 16 weeks meeting one to 3 days a week for a duration of one to two hours each session. Kinetic Vibez is currently offering the following programs:

Hip-Hop Music Production

Mindful Movements

Comic Creations


Our Vibe Leaders are professional music producers, artists, coding experts, and certified yoga instructors who are passionate about the creative, social, and mental well-being of youth they instruct. They receive in-depth training on effective teaching methods, cultural competency, restorative justice practices. If you are interested in learning more about how to have Kinetic Vibez in your school or homeschool don't hesitate to contact us.

Youth Wellness Pop-Up Event

Our Youth Wellness Pop-Up events were created to empower youth outside of the classroom. Bi-monthly, students participate in a music production class, a mindful movements session, and another creative medium including cooking, art, and dance. During the Pop-Ups, students learn skills to cope with stress and depression creatively around other kids who share like interest. The Pop-Ups are also used to dispell the myth that Hip-hop is only about music. By infusing different forms of creativety students become aware of the vastness of Hip-Hop culture and how it can be applied to any creative medium. For more information on Kinetic Vibez: Youth Wellness Pop-Up Events contact us.

Professional Development

The usee of Hip-Hop in education is growing substantially. Through the use of Hip-Hop, teachers can cultivate a culturally relevant, inclusive, and creative classroom culture. Kinetic Vibez Professional Development teaches instructors how to use Hip-Hop and mindfulness in the classroom to build a strong relationship between the teacher and the students and their peers. Our hands-on training gets instructors out of their seats with fun activities that they can use in their classes to heighten their instruction and student buy-in.  Kinetic Vibez professional development courses focus on the following topics:

Building a Positive Classroom Culture Through Hip-Hop and Mindfulness

Practicing Restorative Justice Through Hip-Hop and Mindfulness

How Positively Impact High-Risk Students Through Creativity

How to Create a Unique Community Based Classroom Project

How to Create a Student-led Podcast for Your Campus

If your campus is interested in Kinetic Vibez facilitating a professional development session at your school, please contact us.

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