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In School Residencies

Kinetic Vibez offers unique during school and afterschool programs for small and large groups of students from grades 2 - 12. The programs provided for in-school residencies are hip-hop music production and yoga. 


We offer in-school residencies in various capacities. Each residency can span between 4 to 16 weeks meeting once a week for a duration of one to two hours.


Our Vibe Leaders are experienced music producers or yoga instructors who are passionate about the creative, social, and mental well-being of youth they instruct.


Private Lessons

Whether your child is interested in music production or yoga, Kinetic Vibez Home; our private lesson service, is just the thing they need to learn and master their craft. When you enroll your child in Kinetic Vibez Home, they will get access to the Ableton Live software, performance opportunities, and social events with other students enrolled in Kinetic Vibez Home.



We offer homeschool classes for students ages 7-17. Our integrated curriculum combines music, mindfulness, and culture studies. We organize our classes in five four-week units. Classes consist of instructional time, hands-on activities and end of program showcase. Extension ideas will be provided to parents so they can follow up with lessons and activities at home.